We understand child philosophy!

At Phoenix Montessori Nursery School & Playgroup we aim to create a playful and creative learning environment that inspires children through the various activities and curriculum we offer. while providing children with opportunity to develop holistically as individuals and together with their peers. We involve our toddlers and pre-schoolers in the planning of activities whilst offering a high standard of quality education. During this process we emphasize on individuality by looking at how each child learns as an individual, how they interact as part of a group and what the child enjoys.

We observe children’s language and interaction throughout the day, and  encourage children to be involved in talking and expressing themselves through open discussion at “group time” and “story time”.

Our Montessori philosophy highlights the importance of children learning new skills, Montessori methods are used to provide practitioners and parents with an understanding that a child’s learning and development is a reflection of the environment and the world around them.

It is helpful to reflect on how the favourable environment promotes children’s sense of well being. It will be in this area that we are able to witness children’s self-fulfilment as evidence in self-control and feeling of self-worth.

To support this we ensure that our class rooms are organized environments to provide children with the freedom to move freely and select activities, the readiness of the activities for use all contributes to the child’s growing sense of well-being as they come to learn how the class room works and what is expected of them.

We have a daily routine and pre-planned lessons which contribute towards children’s ability to engage with activities according to their individual rhythms and interests and promotes children’s growing ability to make decisions and take responsibilities for their own actions. Our daily routines inherent through a work-cycle which promotes the child’s sense of well-being this is because they give children the opportunities to control their environment.

We place a great emphasis on creating an environment where every childs health is promoted, their emotional well-being is nurtured & they are kept safe from harm and our curriculum further links well-being with principles of empowerment in the following words: “Children develop an enhanced sense of self worth, identity, confidence and enjoyment as they reach the goals of well-being, in a responsive, stable, safe environment which supports the development of self control and self esteem.” These definitions bring us closer to the principles of the Montessori approach of “following the child” and links to Montessori closely with the EYFS principles of the “unique child”.

Culture is an integral part of our environment, it is reflected in everything that we do. Our environment is surrounded by cultural diversity and it is our aim to create a learning atmosphere that reflects all the cultures that surround us. We try to celebrate several festivals, according to the relevant customs. Parents are encouraged to support us in this area, providing positive reflections of the different diversity and community we live in.

At Phoenix we emphasize the need for innovation and inspiration within the environment. Staff members record daily activities on the basis of what has been successful, if something we have prepared for the children fails to interest them we try to find a different way of approaching the subject. We follow child initiated activities, if for example the child wishes to change our plan we adapt them accordingly.